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Craig Pattee

Craig was born and raised in Condon, Oregon, where his family owns a wheat and cattle ranch.  As a young man he participated in 4-H and rodeos.  Later his interests turned to riding in hunter and jumper horse shows.  A move to Phoenix, Arizona in 1993 led him to compete in Three-Day Eventing and Dressage competitions.  For several years, he also bred and raised warmblood horses.

At an early age, Craig would entertain himself by drawing  people and animals.  He was especially encouraged in his artistic activities by his 5th grade teacher; Thank-you Mr Bare.  Nearly all of Craig's electives in pursuit of his bachelor's degree at Portland State University were in art classes.  While at Portland State, Craig began to appreciate abstract art forms, resulting in his tendency to mix structured abstract elements with realistic representations.  Although his pieces include realism in form; he prefers to use color as a point of interest that seldom mimics nature.  


Craig has recently began to use wood as a primary media, with an emphasis on recycling/up-cycling parts of discarded furniture, barn wood and other sources.    

Craig continues to reside in Phoenix where he recently retired from a position in health care administration.  He now spends most of his time developing his art work.  

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